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With over 20,0000 Invisalign® cases treated Dr. Sulaimani belongs to the top 1% Invisalign Provider Worldwide
🇬🇧 Dr. Sulaimani

Diamond Invisalign Provider: The best Invisalign in Dubai

Dr. Sulaimani is the only Invisalign APEX Diamond provider in the UAE, meaning that he belongs to the global Top 1% of Invisalign providers.
Dr. Sulaimani has completed Europe’s leading degree in Aesthetic and Restorative Cosmetic Dentistry in the United Kingdom.

He was given the honour of the runner up price at the prestigious ‘Best Young Dentist Award‘ in 2019 & 2021, respectively. 

His expertise lies in providing each patient with a unique, bespoke smile, singularly enabled through his unmatched experience with the Invisalign System.

He currently divides his time between Liverpool and Dubai.

🇬🇧 Dr. Sulaimani

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign® is a removable orthodontic teeth straightening system which delivers visible results in 2 weeks. It can fix any kind of teeth misalignment including crooked teeth or crowding. Similarly, jaw and bite issues can be corrected.

They deliver all of the advantages of traditional braces, but don’t require brackets, wires, or a permanent fixing on your teeth. You can simply decide when to wear them.

How does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign Treatment consists of a series of super-thin and transparent aligners that pressly fit your teeth and gently push them toward a natural and straight position. The process is comfortable and can be integrated into your everyday life without others noticing.

What Invisalign can fix

Preview Your Future Smile

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Upload your current smile, we will use Artifical Intelligence to create a preview of your future smile after Invisalign for free.

How much does Invisalign Cost?

   November Discount
6500 AED
We have partnered up with payments company Tabby to provide flexible instalments in 6 months at 0% interest
The pricing includes a pair of fixed retainers after your treatment to ensure that your perfectly straight teeth stay permanently. Additionally, you will receive a free whitening to complete your Hollywood Smile.
Invisalign costs heavily depend on the individual case and can’t be generalized. But that is exactly why we offer our Free Consultation session for anyone who is interested: Dr. Sulaimani will take a look at your teeth and give you the exact treatment duration and price range.

To make things easier for our patients, we have partnered up with the local Tabby bank to provide installment payments of up to 6 splits – at 0% interest.

The Invisalign Treatment package includes several additional services which are included free of charge. See your benefits below:

1200 AED
  Teeth Whitening
1000 AED
  Pair of Retainer
1100 AED
   November Discount
3200 AED
6500 AED

We are always happy to educate our patients on dentistry, so even if you have time for just a short chat – you are always welcome here!

How long does the Invisalign Treatment take?

In total, a treatment takes from 6-15 months.

The most important factor in determining how long the Invisalign treatment takes is the severity of the case.

The next decisive factor is the oral bone and root structure of the patient – both are essential for moving teeth, and each patient has a different genetic disposition.

How Successful is Invisalign?

98% of our Invisalign treatments finish within predicted timeframe. In the 2% of cases where the timeframe isn’t met, the cases are usually extended by another month.

What is the Smart Track Material?

Invisalign’s US-patented SmartTrack material consists of three functional layers, each developed by the world’s leading biomaterial scientist. These innovations brings about the following advantages over any other clear aligner material:

  1. Speed: 50% quicker treatment time
  2. Control: 75% increased orthodontic teeth movement accuracy
  3. Comfort: Movement force is evenly distributed

SmartTrack is FDA-approved and the
safest and most advanced materials available. 

It doesn’t contain BPA, phthalate, or gluten and is eco-friendly.

Invisalign Before and After

What does the Treatment look like?

Is Invisalign Better than traditional Braces?

In the past decade, clear aligners have revolutionised orthodontic teeth alignment. More than 95% of all metal braces patients can be treated with invisible braces at a significantly faster treatment time. Invisalign is a proven, highly effective, and comfortable means of teeth straightening when compared to traditional braces. Additionally, Invisalign clear aligners are removable, meaning that you can choose when you want to wear them.

Only in rare cases of severe misalignment and malocclusion, also called Class 3 cases in orthodontics, we prefer referring the patient to an orthodontist. Class 3 cases usually take years and require close monitoring from the treating orthodontist.

From a cost perspective, both treatments approximately have the same cost most of the time.

Video Consultation

Do you want a quick evaluation of your case for free?
Dr. Sulaimani also offers video consultation sessions.
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How long Do you wear the Aligners?

Each set of aligners, consisting of one one lower and one upper aligner, has to be worn 20-22h per day. These timings are fixed and cannot be reduced.

However, some cases are available for so-called Night Time Aligne treatment. This means that the patient has to wear his Invisalign for 10h during the night.

Can I Eat or Drink with Invisalign?

Yes, you can drink with Invisalign in your mouth in general. However, if you drink hot beverages, you should take your aligners out. This is because the heat can cause deformations on your aligner and render it dysfunctional. 

You shouldn’t eat with aligners on as small remainders of the food will stick beneath your aligner. This will negatively impact your oral hygiene. Therefore, it is necessary to take the aligners off your mouth before taking in a meal.

Is Invisalign painful?

For each aligner, the initial days will cause some minor discomfort on the teeth impacted by the push from the Invisalign Aligners. The pain is ignorable when compared to the pain caused by fixed braces in the initial weeks.

Invisalign’s US-patented SmartTrack Material Technology exerts 300% less pressure than conventional invisible braces.

Therefore, our clear aligners guarantee the maximum comfort in the patient’s mouth.

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